What is Gold?
Gold is the currency for Bomber Tanks. Use it to buy more tanks (and other things in the future). The more gold you have, the more Forts you can invade! If you are low on Gold, play Arcade Mode to earn more.
What are SCP Coins?
SCP Coins can be used in any SCP Game for various purposes. You can earn Gold and SCP Coins together in Arcade mode. SCP Coins cannot be earned in VS Mode.
How can I repair my Fort?
You can repair your fort by attacking other forts. There is no other way (as of now).
Can I control the Tanks I send?
Not directly. You can give them orders, but in the end, it's up to them to do the dirty work. You're only a commander when you are on offense.
Can I use Weapons in VS Mode?
On defense, yes. If you found Weapons in Arcade Mode and they are still in your inventory, you can access them once you begin defending your Fort.
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